Project management courses

At Project Advantage, we help companies and small to medium-sized enterprises who deliver multiple projects to upskill project management staff and deliver accurate project portfolio data to senior executives on a monthly basis.

Project Advantage aim to support your project management training and Microsoft Project training needs with a variety of project management short courses and Microsoft project training involving activities, tools, templates, guidelines, questionnaires and articles to assist you to:

  1. Fill the gaps in your current project management systems, methodologies and skill sets with our project management fundamentals training and MS Project training.
  2. Analyse your own project management skills and determine an appropriate course of action for self improvement.
  3. Analyse your company’s level of project management maturity and determine an appropriate course of action to improve project management governance, process, methodology, documentation and stage and gate approval process. Whether we start with a project management introduction or go straight to an advanced training module, Project Advantage has the training your organisation needs.
  4. Determine what level of project management training workshop and what project management courses are most suitable for you or your company.
  5. Determine what level of Microsoft Project training and which Microsoft Project courses are most suitable for you or your company.
  6. Access planning and implementation tools to streamline your project delivery including an extensive range of project management templates.
  7. Determine whether any of our services are best delivered on site, in a group or one-on-one.
  8. Stay updated with regular contemporary project management articles posted to the blog to support your learning and growth.
  9. Access client feedback and testimonials supporting our work.

Lay The Foundation For Long-Term Consistent Project Performance 

The 4-Step Process That Consistently Delivers “KEY PROJECT METRICS” To Your Project Office With Predictability Month after Month in a Format Ready for Presentation To Your Executive Leadership Team.

Our extensive experience in the fields of project management and MS Project training give us the unique ability to both teach and offer project management consulting services to our clients. With our project management services, Project Advantage can help you develop the project management fundamentals and project management essentials and knowledge in your organisation to dramatically improve the bottom line of each project you run.

Project Advantage provides customised corporate project management training and competency development programs for clients around Australia, operating in all Australian capital cities and regional centres. Courses include Microsoft Project Fundamentals, MS Project Tasks, MS Project Resources and MS Project Advanced. Our project management courses include project management introduction, project management fundamentals, project management essentials and project management integrated training.

Project Advantage’s unparalleled customer service, top-rated and experienced instructors and modular course content make us the provider of choice for many Australian companies in the government, manufacturing, finance and insurance, consumer goods and technology services sectors.