Yearly Archive: 2014

Contemporary project management disciplines

November 5, 2014

Differences between Projects, Programs and Portfolios Relationships between Portfolios, Programs and Projects Key disciplines in all Project Management Knowledge areas. Approval Tollgates across the Project Lifecycle

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Project scope planning

October 5, 2014

A significant proportion any project management methodology is devoted to the area of scope, specifically scope planning. Getting right the project scope and managing it effectively are the cornerstones of project success. Project scoping is the formal determination of the phases of a project. Project scope management includes the processes required to ensure that the...

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Developing the schedule

September 5, 2014

Project time planning After project definition, developing the schedule is the most important job the project manager has. Inputs from cost, in addition to outputs from prior time processes, are combined with several complex methods to generate a schedule, and a schedule management plan. The schedule is likely to require changes to cost processes. Overall, this is one...

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Project cost planning

August 5, 2014

Project cost management is critical to the control of the project For senior management, the total cost of activities at project completion is usually the element that defines the success or failure of a project, often regardless of any represented value for money. Cost management includes the processes and tools required to maintain financial control...

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Project quality management

July 5, 2014

Defining Quality The quality of something can be determined by comparing a set of inherent characteristics with a set of requirements. If those inherent characteristics meet all requirements, high or excellent quality is achieved. If those characteristics do not meet all requirements, a low or poor level of quality is achieved. Quality as a constraint...

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Risk management planning

June 5, 2014

Projects and risk management The formal process whereby risk factors are provided for by systematic identification and assessment.   Risk management is a process for organised assessment and control of risks. It involves the identification, analysis and evaluation of the risks, and the development of effective treatments for those risks. It applies to projects of all...

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Project communications

May 5, 2014

Planning communications The communications management plan describes the specific communication channels, networks and methods that will be used to communicate with project stakeholders. The plan documents the activities needed to ensure timely and appropriate collection, generation, dissemination, storage, and ultimate disposal of project information among the project team and stakeholders. The communication management plan is...

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Human resource planning

April 5, 2014

Developing the human resource plan The human resource planning process generates the organisational chart for the project and the staffing management plan based on the organisational breakdown structure and the responsibility assignment matrix. Roles, responsibilities and relationships The roles and responsibilities need to be defined for either a group of people or an individual. The...

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Project procurement management processes

March 5, 2014

Overview Procurement was once merely considered a supporting function to operational areas. Now, as organisations restructure to focus on core competencies, more project areas are being outsourced. Well managed procurement of goods and services is integral to successful project management. Procurement has become a strategic function which is expected to add value to the project...

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Planning tools, templates and guidelines

January 5, 2014

PMBok Process Groups Knowledge Areas, Processes, Tools and techniques Project management tools and techniques enable project managers and teams to undertake project activities. PMBOK tools and techniques Expert judgement Expert judgement refers to anyone with specialised knowledge and/or experience relevant to the objectives who is able to provide advice and guidance to the project manager...

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