Striking A Balance For First-Time Project Managers

March 17, 2016

A crucial skill you will learn in project management fundamentals is harnessing the ability to manage a project from the planning phase through to delivery. Evaluating a project’s scope for success, putting plans into practice and doing so with an efficient team, are among the keys to successful project management.

First-time project managers are encouraged to thoroughly learn the basics of project management, inside out, back to front. Project Advantage’s project management fundamentals course in Melbourne provides step-by-step training and breaks down the project management process into different stages. We understand managing a project for the first time can be a daunting prospect, that’s why our Melbourne project management fundamentals training is tailored for aspiring project managers. One of our aims is to ease the transition between course learnings and day-to-day practice.

The Project Management Institute (PMI) refers to project management fundamentals as five specific stages. These stages should for the central process of any project.

  • Conception and initiation
  • Definition and planning
  • Launch and execution
  • Performance and control
  • Close or completion of the project

Breaking down, exploring, and familiarising yourself with these steps, in detail, will hold you in good stead when managing your first project. Studying these stages is also a pivotal part of Project Advantage’s Melbourne project management fundamentals course.

Project management fundamentals provides important knowledge for not only a first-time project manager, but any member of a project team. You can maximise your value to a team by being up to speed with the core processes of project management. Project Advantage’s Melbourne project management fundamentals course caters for participants from a variety of corporate or business levels, providing training for a vast range of purposes and professions.

Our hands-on and multi-faceted  to project management fundamentals strikes a fair balance between grooming first-time project managers and team members, and challenging participants to hit the ground running.

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