Introduction to Project and Program Integrity

September 23, 2020
How Would You Like To Ensure That Your Project Staff have the Skills to Deliver Accurate Project Portfolio Data to Your Senior Executives Every Single Month On Demand And With Predictability
Is it your role to oversee and monitor these projects at a high level?
Do you need to know what is going on across the portfolio, where attention needs to be focused, how the plan vs. actual performance is and how money is being spent?
Are you confident that the right program status information is being delivered to the right people, at the right time, so YOU and your ORGANISATION can make the right decisions moving forward?
Does Your Organisation deliver multiple projects
Are you looking for a solution to ensure data integrity at a project, program and portfolio level using simple smart project management tools, systems and procedures ?
Would you like this solution delivered in such a way that your organisation gets value from its project management processes as quickly as possible while also laying a foundation for long-term consistent project performance?


Would you like your project staff trained and coached in essential project fundamentals, tools and systems, building on their core project competencies and…..

Would you like to provide support to your project staff in the use of project management scheduling software?

Would you like to spread the new approaches to multiple projects as soon possible?
Would you like practical hands-on support for project staff, plus opportunities for peer knowledge exchange to ensure the team members focus on the tasks at hand?
Are you a…….
Chief Executive Officer, PMO Manager, Portfolio Manager, Program , Manager, Project Owner, Business Transformation Manager, Learning and Development Manager, or, do you hold a Significant Senior Role in an organisation delivering multiple projects?

Will put in place Simple and Predictable Systems to Eliminate The PAIN involved in planning, tracking , managing and reporting key project portfolio metrics to your Executive Leadership Team on a month by month basis.
OUR WORKING OBJECTIVE   Is to offer you an Internal Project Management Training, Support and Mentoring Function mandated to ensure integrity of project data.
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