Increasingly, organisations are requiring teams to operate within a project management environment. Projects bring together resources, skills, technology and ideas to deliver business benefits. All too often though, they unfortunately fail to deliver the expected results by exceeding time and budget constraints. Understanding project management fundamentals is then key to reaching those expected results.

Our course offerings

At Project Advantage, we partner with you to identify your organisational learning objectives, deliver relevant project management training in Melbourne and elsewhere across Australia and achieve measurable behaviour changes that lead to improved performance. Our Melbourne project management courses cover all learning needs – from basic to advanced – including both technical project management fundamentals and skills and relationship-driven soft skills.

What our success relies on

  • Understanding your business and aligning our Microsoft Project training and project management training in Melbourne and elsewhere to support your corporate goals
  • Understanding the experience, requirements and priorities of your staff
  • A cooperative and collaborative, learner-centric “classroom”, for both onsite and public courses
  • Expert instructors with extensive real-world project experience who teach, coach, and mentor participants
  • Applying knowledge to real projects for optimal retention and on-the-job application
  • Recognising the importance of upper management support for Melbourne project management training as a critical enabler to corporate success.

Project Advantage offers one to five-day project management courses in Melbourne, combining case study and live project planning, as well as Microsoft Project training courses ranging from beginner to advanced levels.

At Project Advantage, we have also developed tailored, in-house courses ranging from three-hour executive briefings through to consultancy-driven integrated project management solutions delivered over a six to 12-month period.

Project Advantage is an organisation with more than 10 years’ experience offering project management consulting in Melbourne and elsewhere and training staff from all corporate levels and industries to manage their project work schedules using Microsoft Project.

As users of Microsoft Project, we understand the software may, at first, present as complex and unintuitive software. It is our aim to turn novice or self-trained staff into confident, competent Microsoft Project users. The intended result is that your staff will be able to utilise this powerful software to manage their projects effectively and efficiently.

Project Advantage maintains a balance between training and consultancy in the belief that clients benefit from access to trainers with recent real-world experience and project management consultants who are able to effectively carry out skills transfer.

At Project Advantage, we use a combination of employed and associate consultants and trainers. Considerable effort is put into ensuring that each consultant or trainer who undertakes any Project Advantage assignment is fully qualified to do so and has been briefed on the culture of the client organisation.

We have a very experienced and long-standing team of staff, allowing us to provide an extremely high level of service to both long-term and newly established clients alike.