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Human resource planning

April 5, 2014

Developing the human resource plan The human resource planning process generates the organisational chart for the project and the staffing management plan based on the organisational breakdown structure and the responsibility assignment matrix. Roles, responsibilities and relationships The roles and responsibilities need to be defined for either a group of people or an individual. The...

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Project procurement management processes

March 5, 2014

Overview Procurement was once merely considered a supporting function to operational areas. Now, as organisations restructure to focus on core competencies, more project areas are being outsourced. Well managed procurement of goods and services is integral to successful project management. Procurement has become a strategic function which is expected to add value to the project...

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Planning tools, templates and guidelines

January 5, 2014

PMBok Process Groups Knowledge Areas, Processes, Tools and techniques Project management tools and techniques enable project managers and teams to undertake project activities. PMBOK tools and techniques Expert judgement Expert judgement refers to anyone with specialised knowledge and/or experience relevant to the objectives who is able to provide advice and guidance to the project manager...

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