On-Site Training

The most popular format of training we conduct is on-site project management training, at your premises.

Whether we are conducting Melbourne Microsoft project training with your project staff, delivering one to four-day project management short courses Melbourne-wide, or offering you a five-day course combining both methodology and scheduling skills, we are able to deliver all of these at your premises, in-house.

Group numbers

Conducted nationally with group numbers ranging from four to a maximum of 16 for our Melbourne project management short courses and a maximum of 10 participants in our Melbourne Microsoft Project courses, there is always enough time for questions and general discussion.

Whatever the subject covered in our Melbourne project management introduction courses or Microsoft project training, Project Advantage is able to provide training that is customised to your company’s requirements at no extra cost, based on our various course outlines.

We will do this by consulting with you before the training session and determining exactly what your needs are. We will adapt the course to your real-life project scenarios and, if you wish, use your own project examples as part of these courses.

This is the most effective type of training, and is the best way to tie together the theoretical aspects of project management fundamentals, your actual project management scenarios and the tools of Microsoft Project.

Training on-site at your premises is customised, where your company’s actual projects are incorporated into the course; in most instances it is also more cost effective than having a number of individual participants attend a public course.

Course delivery

Project Advantage runs courses at customer-designated locations to suit the needs of our clients and their staff. Our rates are substantially discounted when compared with the costs involved with sending staff to attend a similar public course.

When we run a course at your premises, we need you to provide the venue and the equipment. The equipment required includes a data projector, white board, flip chart and easel. A choice of catering is also required.

Project Advantage will provide the experienced instructor, a notebook computer for course presentation, course materials including workbooks, CDs, handout materials for activities, and finally the certificates of achievement for participants who complete the course.

Course costs

The costs for our project management training and coaching varies on the content determined for your individual business and needs and the number of participating students on each day.