Project Advantage Accelerator Program

“Laying the foundations for ongoing project success”.

The Project Advantage Accelerator Program has been created as an ongoing training support and mentoring tool for project organisations resulting in project environments with highly competent staff who are consistently delivering successful projects.

The program offers you the user a live interactive support centre enabling peer group knowledge exchange as the central go to project management training and support hub.

The program offers project organisations and their key project staff, direct access to the critical information, knowledge and resources required to assist and troubleshoot issues as they progress through the initiation, detailed planning, scheduling, implementation, delivery, and control processes of live projects.

Our approach is to eliminate planning shortcuts by guiding you through each module of each week, prompting you to complete action items before moving on.

The work that you will do in each week, duplicates the work that I would do if I were planning your live project myself from start to finish, giving you a strong sense of support and mentorship.

Why was the program created?

What are the problems that the program solves in the project management workplace?