Project Management Consulting

At Project Advantage, we strive to maintain a balance between training and our Melbourne project management consultancy services in the belief that clients benefit from access to trainers with recent business experience and consultants who can carry out skills transfer. As a result, we have the unique capability to cover both consultancy and training for our clients.

The 4-Step Process That Consistently Delivers “KEY PROJECT METRICS” To Your Project Office With Predictability Month after Month in a Format Ready for Presentation To Your Executive Leadership Team.

At Project Advantage, we have clients from a wide range of public and commercial industry sectors. Similarly our consultants are from a wide range of industries.

Project Advantage offers Melbourne project management services on a fee-for-service or contract basis, concentrating on managing companies start-up or existing projects.

This service is a project whole-of-life consulting service which includes leading projects through the project planning and development stage, team selection, project approvals, project implementation, monitoring and control and project audit and completion.

Project Advantage offers this service as required, with contracts running from one to 12 months, depending on the size of the project and the particular needs of each individual client.

Would you like to become more proficient in running a project or being part of a project team? Whether you yourself or your employees? You can do this by enrolling in one of the range of quality project management courses held Melbourne-wide and in other capital cities and regional centres in Australia. We run courses including project management introduction, Melbourne project management fundamentals training and project management essentials.

Consulting and Strategic Project Planning

Do you need more managers who are competent in planning, project management and control of projects in your organisation? Are your key staff finding it difficult to deliver projects on time, on budget and continually struggle with resource shortages, conflict, stress and team burn-out? If so, Project Advantage can help you develop the project management...

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PM Framework, Methodology and System Design

Establish your project management framework and procedures and create a set of methods and techniques to ensure successful delivery of projects. Project management is the application of tools and techniques, to the discipline of planning, organising, monitoring and controlling all aspects of a project in a continuous process to achieve its objectives, both internal and...

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Training, Coaching and Mentoring

Project Advantage has considerable experience in providing project management training, coaching and mentoring to a wide range of businesses in many different industry sectors across Melbourne and in capital cities and regional centres across Australia. Our thorough and effective project management services in Melbourne  and beyond typically include activities such as: One-to-one sessions with individuals...

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