Consulting and Strategic Project Planning

Do you need more managers who are competent in planning, project management and control of projects in your organisation?

Are your key staff finding it difficult to deliver projects on time, on budget and continually struggle with resource shortages, conflict, stress and team burn-out?

If so, Project Advantage can help you develop the project management skills and knowledge in your organisation to dramatically improve your project bottom line. Project Advantage provides strategic planning and customised Melbourne project management consultancy and training, as well as competency development programs for clients around Australia, operating in all Australian cities and regional centres.

We are an organisation with 15 years’ experience as project management consultants and training staff from all corporate levels to manage their projects more efficiently and effectively. We provide a stress-free on-site learning experience that is enjoyable, interactive and can be customised to suit your work needs.

Lay The Foundation For Long-Term Consistent Project Performance 

The 4-Step Process That Consistently Delivers “KEY PROJECT METRICS” To Your Project Office With Predictability Month after Month in a Format Ready for Presentation To Your Executive Leadership Team.

Project consulting and support

Project Advantage offers a Melbourne project management consultancy service on a fee-for-service or contract basis, concentrating on managing companies’ start-up or existing projects.

A whole-of-life end-to-end Melbourne project management service includes:

  • Preliminary analysis and research
  • Identification of critical success factors
  • Cost benefit analysis
  • Strategic planning, team selection and approval processes
  • Establishment of all key plans
  • Implementation and delivery of work packages
  • Monitoring and control. Ensure your work is progressing according to the plan
  • Establish integrated change control
  • Manage finances and cash flow
  • Produce performance reports
  • Completion and audit
  • Project close out
  • Coaching and mentoring.

This service is offered as required with contract running from one to 12 months, dependent on the size of the project and the individual needs of each client.

Project consulting and training

As specialist providers of project management courses and Melbourne Microsoft Project training, Project Advantage is able to offer corporate clients a one-stop project management shop. We understand that the staff within your organisation will have different learning capabilities and requirements and we cater to everyone.

Project Advantage’s unparalleled customer service, top-rated instructors and modular course content make us the provider of choice for many Australian companies in the government, manufacturing, finance and insurance, consumer goods and technology services industries sectors.

Our experienced instructors provide the framework and structure necessary for participants to develop a working knowledge of project management and the related subject matter, including how it applies to their particular working environment.

Projects and processes

When staff move to a project environment, they must adopt a different set of priorities. This transition may be reasonably straightforward for junior and inexperienced staff who are moved to full-time project roles. The situation is much more difficult for senior staff. Firstly, they are likely to have more experience of a process culture and will regard it as a successful way of doing business. Furthermore, they are likely to split their time between a process culture and a project culture.

A variety of aids need to be put in place to assist staff to operate in a project culture. As your staff move along this path, they will need different levels of support and direction.

If you would like to increase your own proficiency in Melbourne project management fundamentals, consider enrolling in one of our quality project management courses, including Melbourne project management introduction and project management essentials.