PM Framework, Methodology and System Design

Establish your project management framework and procedures and create a set of methods and techniques to ensure successful delivery of projects.

Project management is the application of tools and techniques, to the discipline of planning, organising, monitoring and controlling all aspects of a project in a continuous process to achieve its objectives, both internal and external.

Meeting all of the required outcomes demands an exceptional level of expertise, objectivity, an understanding of systems and a combination of both technical and management skills.

Maturity in terms of project management is indicated by the degree to which project results are achieved by efficient and effective means, and, that continuous improvement is effected. The net results for project managers and teams are that they work smarter, not harder.

The maturity level of your organisation in the context of project management can only be determined by the quality of the system that enables you to plan, implement, monitor/control and review your projects.

Without correct systems, tools, templates and documentation, projects will always be delivered in an ad hoc and fractured fashion, which generally leads to projects being over budget, over schedule, the quality of the product or service is low and the project team and stakeholders experience stress.

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