Training, Coaching and Mentoring

Project Advantage has considerable experience in providing project management training, coaching and mentoring to a wide range of businesses in many different industry sectors across Melbourne and in capital cities and regional centres across Australia.

Our thorough and effective project management services in Melbourne  and beyond typically include activities such as:

  • One-to-one sessions with individuals to support them in their new or enhanced role
  • Briefings or workshops for small groups with specific roles or responsibilities
  • Remote support, by telephone or email, to veiw management documentation or discuss specific challenges you may be facing
  • Post-project reviews and reports on lessons learned.

Projects and processes

Line organisations have evolved from a process background within cultures that encourage and reward the creation of successful processes. Staff who have worked in line organisations will have developed in an environment where the creation and maintenance of processes results in advancement.

When staff move to a project environment, they must adopt a new and different set of priorities. This transition may be reasonably straightforward for junior and inexperienced staff who are moved to full-time project roles.

The situation is much more difficult for senior staff. Firstly, they are likely to have more experience of a process culture and will regard it as a successful way of doing business. Furthermore, they are likely to split their time between a process culture and a project culture.

A variety of aids need to be put in place to assist staff to operate in a project culture and as your staff move along this path, they will need different levels of support and direction. In addition, the level of support and direction given to them will subconsciously communicate how the organisation perceives their development.

In addition to our project training, coaching and mentoring, Project Advantage also offers quality project management courses Melbourne-wide and across Australia for you and your employees.