Project Management Essentials

Four-day course

Highly developed project management skill combines the application of tools and techniques, to the discipline of planning, organising, monitoring and controlling all aspects of a project in a continuous process to achieve its objectives, both internal and external. Meeting all of the required outcomes demands an exceptional level of expertise, objectivity, an understanding of systems and a combination of both technical and management skills.

This course will introduce participants to a rigorous and systematic approach to the project management essentials, including planning and managing projects using a common suite of project documentation, whether the projects are simple or complex.

As there are typically multiple projects being undertaken by an organsiation, a matrix of project teams can be distributed across the organisation. A common project management language and an organised system of tools, templates and documentation that supports the entire project life cycle is crucial to project success.

The total picture includes the management of a myriad of project components such as people, material resources, time, money, information and a focus on both the customers and the organisation’s needs.

Course Objectives

  • To provide participants with an overview of the principles, skills and techniques required for effective project management
  • To present the principles of project management in the context of business case development and justification, project planning, stakeholder participation and project scope definition
  • To present you with the principles of project management in the context of project time cost and resources
  • To present you with the principles of project management in the context of project risk analysis and control
  • To deliver key project documentation for approval.

This course is delivered over four consecutive days at the client site and can also be delivered over a two-week or four-week period depending on the client needs.

Participants will work on live projects applying the principles learnt to new or existing projects.

As with all our Melbourne project management short courses, training is provided through hands-on learning, relevant exercises combining theory, live project planning, consulting and project support and mentoring resulting in the delivery of key project plans.

Course Content

  • Overview of project management
  • Project life cycle
  • Functions of project management
  • Organisational levels of management
  • Maturity level of project management
  • Characteristics and profile of a project manager
  • Project monitoring and control, tools, templates and systems
  • The business case
  • Project planning and control
  • The project plan
  • Identify stakeholders
  • Scope management
  • Task definition methodology
  • Activity identification
  • Resource definition
  • Estimating
  • Schedule development
  • Budget development
  • Overview of risk management
  • Risk events
  • Risk strategies
  • Risk management plans
  • Risk control activities
  • Risk management outcomes.

Learning outcomes
At the end of this Melbourne project management short course, participants should be able to apply project management skills covering the four phase processes of concept, development, implementation and finalisation.

Participants will also have an enhanced working knowledge of project management methodologies, documentation and systems, and will deliver key project documentation.

Course designed for

  • Councils
  • Government organisations
  • Small to medium-size enterprises that are delivering projects.

Course Delivery
We run our project management introduction courses for group numbers of six to 16 participants at customer-designated locations, offering substantially discounted rates compared with the costs for staff attendance at public courses. We also offer one – on – one training and online sessions for those wishing to experience a more personalised training experience.

Our customers provide the venue, equipment (data projector, whiteboard, flip chart and easel) and choice of catering.  Project Advantage provides the instructor, a notebook computer for course presentation, course materials (workbooks, CDs, handout materials for activities) and certificates of achievement.


  • Minimum four participants on-site – $1680 per person per course
  • Six to 10 participants on-site – $2750 per day, per group
  • One-on-one on-site – $2400 plus travel expenses.
  • Online sessions. 20 x 2 hour sessions over four weeks – $3000 per person

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Project Advantage also offer tailored Melbourne project management consulting to businesses where this is needed.