Project Management Introduction

One-day course

Project management introduction is one of the project management short courses in Melbourne and elsewhere across Australia that we offer as a one-day course. This course will provide the participant with the conceptual framework for realising the need for project management in complex and dynamic work environments. This introduction session outlines the modern understanding of project management as it is applied by practising professional project managers.

Project management as a management discipline is becoming increasingly useful in today’s rapidly changing business environment. The speed with which the business climate can change is driving the use of project management techniques. It is more important today than ever before to introduce new products, upgrade business systems and improve business performance as quickly as possible. This is where the use of project management techniques come into their own. From its most familiar use in construction, project management has spread to almost every type of industry and endeavour.

Course Objectives
At the completion of this topic you should be able to:

  • Understand the basic concept of a project
  • Identify the characteristics of a project
  • Describe the principles, skills and techniques required for effective project management
  • Define what project management means.

Course Content
This module covers nine topics that are designed to provide you with an overview of current best practice in project management in Melbourne and around Australia.

  1. Overview of project management
  2. Project life cycle
  3. Functions of project management
  4. Organisational levels of management
  5. Maturity level of project management
  6. Characteristics and profile of a project manager
  7. Clarify project roles and responsibilities
  8. Demonstrate generic project management structures including key documentation and approval processes
  9. Complete individual project management evaluations.

Course Delivery
We run our Melbourne Project Management Introduction courses for group numbers of six -16 participants at customer designated locations offering heavily discounted rates compared to the costs for staff attendance at public courses. We also offer one – on – one training and online sessions for those wishing to experience a more personalised training experience.

Our customers provide the venue, equipment (data projector, whiteboard, flip chart and easel) and choice of catering.  Project Advantage provides the instructor, a notebook computer for course presentation, course materials (workbooks, CDs, handout materials for activities) and Certificates of Achievement.


  • Minimum four participants on-site – $440 per person per day
  • Six to 16 participants on-site – $2650 per group
  • One-on-one on-site – $600 plus travel expenses.
  • Online sessions. 4 x 2 hour sessions over one day – $440 per person

Contact us if you would like to enquire further about the project management introduction course or any other project management course or Microsoft Project training Melbourne-wide or elsewhere in Australia, and to obtain a competitive quote for delivery into your workplace.