Project management training templates, Melbourne

Project Advantage offer clients and associates FREE ACCESS to a wide range of project templates that can be tailored to any project. Based upon industry-best practice, our templates have a consistent format, look and feel, and can be easily tailored to add your company logo and colours to suit internal methodologies or industry standards.

All of our project management templates have been written by consultants who have drawn upon their years of experience in the project management environment across an extensive range of industries and organisations.

The templates have been created in either Microsoft Word, Excel or Microsoft Project format as appropriate and are available in all of these versions.

You have the choice of using :

  • All 50 templates
  • Packages of specific templates
  • Individual templates.

For ease of use, our templates are categorised into the following project phases:

  • Package 1 (phase one)
    Project concept and initiation
  • Package 2 (phase two)
    Project detailed planning phase
  • Package 3 (phase three)
    Project execution
  • Package 4 (phase four)
    Project monitoring and control and performance measurement
  • Package 5 (phase five)
    Project finalisation and closeout.

Additional templates:

Why use our templates?

  • Project Advantage offers you choice and document solutions covering the entire project lifecycle
  • All templates are FREE OF CHARGE to all Project Accellerator Program clients and specific business associates
  • Our templates have a professional layout
  • Our templates have a consistent look and feel
  • Our templates are appropriate for all types of projects and organisations – each template has been used by project managers across a wide range of industries
  • Our templates align with industry standards and methodologies.

Project Advantage has developed its range of templates to increase the efficiency and quality of project management. You can also do this by taking part in our quality project management training in Melbourne and across Australia.

All Templates

Project Advantage has a range of popular templates that are regularly used by clients and associates in all project environments and across industries. Additional templates are also added to the range as they are developed. Project charter Project business case Project definition Project statement of work Project scope management plan Project plan Project schedule Project...

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Project Advantage offers you a range of bundled template packages covering the entire project life cycle. Simply choose the most suitable package for your organisation and your project. Project expression of interest Project business case Project charter Project definition Project statement of work Project scope management plan Project plan Project schedule Project risk management plan Project...

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