All Templates

Project Advantage has a range of popular templates that are regularly used by clients and associates in all project environments and across industries. Additional templates are also added to the range as they are developed.

Most popular templates

  • Project charter
  • Project business case
  • Project definition
  • Project statement of work
  • Project scope management plan
  • Project plan
  • Project schedule
  • Project risk management plan
  • Project human resource management plan
  • Project communication management plan
  • Project quality management plan
  • Project procurement plan
  • Project budget template
  • Project status report
  • Project change request
  • Project training plan

Project management evaluation templates

New template additions

  • Project defect report
  • Project design change
  • Project contract variation
  • Site visit inspection
  • Site inspection
  • Project preliminary design checklist
  • Project completion checklist
  • Project review checklist

Whether you are considering training for your employees in project management fundamentals in Melbourne or elsewhere across Australia, Project Advantage runs a series of project management short coursesĀ as a part of our project management services Melbourne-wide to provide participants with the conceptual framework and practical techniques to use efficiently and effectively in the workplace.