Project Advantage template packages

Project Advantage offers you a range of bundled template packages covering the entire project life cycle. Simply choose the most suitable package for your organisation and your project.

Package one – Project concept & initiation

  • Project expression of interest
  • Project business case
  • Project charter
  • Project definition
  • Project statement of work
  • Project scope management plan

Package two – Detailed project planning

  • Project plan
  • Project schedule
  • Project risk management plan
  • Project human resource management plan
  • Project communication management plan
  • Project quality management plan
  • Project risk management plan
  • Project procurement plan
  • Project budget template

Package three – Project execution & reporting

  • Project status report
  • Project status report (weekly)
  • Project progress report
  • Project change request
  • Project risk register
  • Project issues register
  • Project defect report
  • Project design change
  • Project contract variation
  • Project meeting minutes

Package four – Project monitoring & control

  • Project control template
  • Project change request
  • Project defect report
  • Project design change
  • Project contract variation
  • Project issue / incident report
  • Project risk register
  • Site visit inspection
  • Site inspection

Package five – Project finalisation & closeout

  • Project acceptance form
  • Project completion report
  • Project audit
  • Project lessons learned report
  • Project team evaluation

Package six – Project checklists

  • Project business case checklist
  • Project scoping checklist
  • Project detailed planning checklist
  • Project scheduling checklist
  • Project preliminary design checklist
  • Project communications checklist
  • Project quality checklist
  • Project completion checklist
  • Project review checklist.

Project Advantage had developed these packages with the knowledge and understanding of Melbourne project management essentials and project management fundamentals training in the workplace.