Check back here soon for testimonials from satisfied clients of Project Advantage. Our Melbourne project management courses and Microsoft Project training have provided many participants with exceptional skills in project management and the efficient and expert use of Microsoft Project.

My name is Renee Psaila, I am the Development Manager at Branson Group. We are one of Melbourne’s most prominent, diversified developers specialising in realising outstanding property projects.

We are constantly working towards setting the industry benchmark for design and quality, having already delivered 40 superb residential developments in less than 15 years. My role at Branson is to manage the development from acquisition through to town planning, marketing, sales, construction and finally settlements. This level of management requires lots of planning and tracking in order to ensure we are hitting deadlines and our projects are running as efficiently as possible, which brings me to Microsoft Project. We always knew Microsoft Project was a good scheduling tool, however we never knew the full capabilities or the correct application of it.

Andrew came to our office for 2 consecutive days of one on one training recently and I cannot speak highly enough of the way the training was conducted and also the level of support materials provided. Andrew has a thorough understanding of this programme and knows how to cover off each section step by step so that holistically it all makes sense. When I started my training, I was unaware of how to correctly put together a programme and had no understanding of any of the relationships between tasks, summary or milestones. Following my 2 day training, I can confidently say that I could put together a perfect programme without the help of a manual – which is an amazing result! It goes to show that the training was done in a way that allowed me to absorb and retain the information. Andrew has provided me with lots of manuals and training documentation also, so that if I ever get stuck I can always refer back to these which is also very helpful.

I would highly recommend Andrew for anyone thinking of using this software in their organisation, or even to advance your skills if you are already using it.

The Branson Group upgrades skills in Microsoft Project to improve their project schedules.Branson Group Shop 4, 533 Mt Alexander Road, Moonee Ponds 3039 http://bransongroup.com.au

Fantastic course to the ADF.

Mark Stone

Hi. Thanks for your training services. Our staff were extremely happy with the results.

Campbell Jabs
Excellent support information. Thanks
Sue Buck

Recently we engaged the services of Project Advantage for a Certificate IV in Project Management.

Of the 5 company’s we approached Project Advantage were the only ones who responded within a day. Their correspondence was clear and concise regarding what was to be delivered and what was expected of me within the training and assessment time frame.

Project Advantage was the only company I found that would let me run with my own project. The ability to work on my personal project as opposed to using a sample project with real scenarios was a definite advantage to me.

Within a short period of time it was apparent that Andrew had significant experience and knowledge in PM. What impressed me the most was the progressive modules which moved step by step through the Project Management disciplines.  Students could not move forward to the next module without having a clear understanding of the previous modules. I found that my project was actually evolving through each step of the process.

 I enjoyed the challenges put by Andrew and the fact that he made me problem solve answers rather than just give them to me. I feel I have learned so much through this process. Having worked in Project Management for many years I was amazed at how much I didn’t know. Thanks to Andrew for a seamless professional service.

Anthony McleanArm Consultants - Computer Design Manager

Excellent choice of short courses to suit our business needs. The trainers wealth of knowledge, the examples and practical exercises used, teaching style, and level of encouragement to all participants were the most beneficial elements of this training course.

Peter CornellHendrickson Asia Pacific - Senior Project Engineer

WOW, what a fantastic course. Project Advantage were contracted to deliver a number of 2 Day Microsoft Project 2010 courses onsite to our key project planners/schedulers/managers. In a step by step and phased approach we were taken through all of the key scheduling disciplines focusing on setting up projects,tasking, relationships, critical path, resourcing, levelling, baselining and tracking. Exactly what our staff required. We never entered into territory outside the scope of the training therefore keeping an intense focus on the training objectives. Andrew then scheduled one on one meetings with groups of staff over the next month to reniew their progress, fix scheduling problems and move them past points where they may of been stuck. We are now preparing to bring Andrew back for a second round of training focusing on more intermediate and advanced areas of Microsfoft Project.

I highly recommend Andrew at Project Advantage as a trainer and mentor in Microsoft Project 2010.

Manni TishrintziRSH Australia - Project Manager

Andrew is an extremely knowledgeable and experienced project management expert. He worked tirelessly to support and educate new project managers and establish project management systems, in a complex and at times frustrating environment.

He is the most patient person I have ever had the pleasure to work with and a wonderful member of our team. Thanks Andrew for your professionalism, perseverance and assistance over these past 18-months

Carolyn LipscombeSCA Hygiene Australasia PTY LTD - PMO Governance and Process Manager

Andrew Wright at Project Advantage has been an excellent trainer and mentor on my journey in becoming a Project Manager. I was working as an Administration Officer on small projects at a University when I decided on a career path of becoming a Project Manager. I enrolled and completed my Diploma of Project Management in 2012 through Andrew and he was exceptional in guiding me through the qualification with intense training and consultation.

After completing my qualification and a variety of short courses focusing on project introduction, scope management, time cost and resource management, risk management, communications management, quality and contracts management. My understanding of project management disciplines and their application into the workplace is now very clear and has built my confidence considerably. Throughout the training, Andrew gave valuable examples of best practice project management governance including systems, templates and suitable methodologies relevant to different project types. Andrew also provided me with templates to fill the planning gaps that suited my project situation at the time.

I had a skills gap in project scheduling using Microsoft Project. Following an intensive 2 day course I am now able to comfortably set up and create new projects focusing on tasking, resourcing and tracking. This has taken considerable pressure off me as my current employer has recently increased my workload, most of which requires at least intermediate skills in Microsoft Project 2010.

I can definitely say that I’d recommend Andrew Wright – Project Advantage to anyone. Andrew was critical to me developing my new career path in Project Management and I am now successfully employed as Project Manager working across IT Infrastructure Projects. Overall, I very much enjoyed training with Andrew and am in regular contact with Andrew who offers free project mentoring and support on any occasion I am stuck with difficult project problems or issues.

Colleen SmithLandmark Australia/Melbourne University - Project Manager